Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Probo the huggable robot platform.

What is inside of Probo?

The robot has 20 degrees of freedom (DOF) in its head. In contrast with other robotic heads, a special body part, namely the trunk, is added to possibly intensify certain emotional expressions and to increase interactivity. To build safety aspects intrinsically in the robots hardware all the motors have a spring in series (series elastic actuation, SEA) so in case of a collision the robot will be elastic and safe while providing a soft touch. The joint can be easily moved when an external force acts on it.

The robot is equipped with a wide range of sensors, digital camera, microphones, touch sensors under the fur. A touch screen in the belly of the robot creates a window to the outside world through the use of wireless Internet and opens up a way to implement new and/or existing computer applications.


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