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ProboGotchi: the game

In collaboration with the research group COMO, a 3D game (named Probo-Gotchi) is developed based on the virtual model using the emotional modules from the RUI. This game is based on the concept of virtual pets that change their mood with user interactions. The virtual pet, or virtual Probo in this case, has a set of internal needs (hunger, health, affection, tiredness, pain, hygiene) that are influenced by different actions of the user. The needs themselves influence the valence and arousal dimension of the emotional space, leading to an emotional feedback using facial expressions of the robot.

Most of the actions are performed with a game controller, others are triggered by the user interactions with a stuffed (real) version of Probo equipped with touch sensors. This gives the possibilities to explore haptic interaction and the concepts how needs control the emotional state of Probo.

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